C++ Best Practices: A Forkable Coding Standards Document

This document is meant to be a collaborative discussion of the best practices in C++. It complements books such as Effective C++ (Meyers) and C++ Coding Standards (Alexandrescu, Sutter). We fill in some of the lower level details that they don't discuss and provide specific stylistic recommendations while also discussing how to ensure overall code quality.

In all cases brevity and succinctness is preferred. Examples are preferred for making the case for why one option is preferred over another. If necessary, words will be used.

Creative Commons License
C++ Best Practices by Jason Turner is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.


This document is based on my personal experiences. You are not supposed to agree with it 100%. It exists as a book on GitHub so that you can fork it for your own uses or submit back proposed changes for everyone to share.

This book has inspired an O'Reilly video: Learning C++ Best Practices

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